Hi, I'm Kate

Hi, I'm Kate

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About me

I grew up in Salzburg, Austria surrounded by beautiful alps, horses and chess boards. However, home was never a fixed place but rather a sense of belonging, no matter where I was.

Sounds picture perfect, but life didn’t feel easy at all for quite a long time. I had a rather unusual but still very enriching childhood. During my youth, I experienced life with great joy. My strong mindset and deep trust were constant companions. It wasn’t until I was 22 years old, after a three-year struggle for my brother’s life, that I lost my balance. After the painful loss of my brother, I got to know myself on a new level and created space for self-discovery and healing.

Many experiences during that time became a huge inspiration for my journey to come. Without even knowing it, I began applying coaching tools and effective nervous system regulation.

Between 2016 and 2018, I went through a very intense period where I learned to strengthen my foundation also on an emotional level.

Many of these experiences led me to coaching in 2018.

Before taking the step into self-employment, I wanted to gain experience in personnel management and leadership. By building and leading a People & Culture team and managing over 300 international employees, I was able to do exactly that. During this time, I also deepened my passion for building bridges between personal and professional development. Because as it turns out, it’s difficult to separate the two.

Now I am here to strengthen womens and mens trust, (self)leadership and sustainable development in a world characterized by uncertainty,  overstimulation, and quick fixes.

And in doing so, we work not only on your mindset and communication but also on your emotions and your hormonal and nervous systems.

what drives my work

Curious about my approach?

My values + -

Values like intuition, expertise, self-determination and sustainable wealth drive me.

  • With intuitive approaches and deep expertise, I help clients prepare for their challenges of tomorrow.
  • Self-determination mixed with joy feels like aliveness and freedom to me.
  • Sustainable wealth, to me, means making a long-lasting impact with social responsibility and harmonious integration into society.

My mission + -

My mission is to strengthen trust, (self)leadership and sustainable development in a world characterized by uncertainty,  overstimulation, and quick fixes.

My expertise + -

What sets me apart is my focus on highly relevant support in business-related matters coupled with balancing the hormonal & nervous systems of my clients.

In addition to traditional NLP and cognition-based coaching methods, I offer innovative body-based and highly effective tools that can be easily integrated into daily life.

I have deep expertise in team and leadership development, talent management, and career counseling.

My expertise is based on an in depth training and a broad experience. This includes the world's first ICF-accredited somatic coaching certification in London, as well as international education in embodiment and mindset coaching. For about 10 years, I have been deeply engaged in topics such as hormonal health, interpersonal communication, and holistic approaches to overcoming psychosomatic challenges.

My background in international people and culture management as well as a degree in business psychology  complements my profile with a solid foundation of business and people management know-how.

My approach + -

I am deeply passionate about supporting high performers and leaders in their (self-) leadership, communication and regulation of their hormonal & nervous system. My services are tailored to ambitious Gen Zers & Millennials in remote-first and hybrid environments.

Simply put, while working with my clients, I focus on enhancing their (self-) leadership skills, resolving emotional blockages, and promoting inner balance and personal resources.

I Believe that

Emotional regulation, radical empathetic communication, and a balanced hormonal & nervous system are essential to grow sustainably.

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Trust Clarity Safety Commitment Humor Joy